Hail Damage

Did you know that...?

  • Impact dents and oxidation decrease the value of your home
  • Removed and/or fractured granules on the surface material causes the asphalt to not be able to with-stand the UV rays from the sun
  • Bruising/dents cause premature aging of the shingles
  • Damage to roofs may not appear for months, or even years later; unfortunately, by then the issue is usually quite severe
  • If you see roofs in your neighborhood being repaired, yours should definitely be inspected

Fact - Not all hail damage is apparent to the untrained eye. Often times, hail damage can be very subtle and very difficult to identify.

Fact - No matter how subtle the damage is, the integrity of your shingles may have been compromised.

Fact - A damaged/bruised roof could lead to serious leaks/cracks in your homes roof..

Fact - Most shingles have a few pounds of colored granules per square of coverage; it does not take too many missing or loosened granules to have significant shingle damage...

Fact - Dents in flashing, ridges, low profile vents, vent stacks, power vents, pipe boots and/or turbines lower the value of your home.

Fact - Mile Hi Roofing can protect your home from enduring any further damage by repairing current damage and safeguarding for the future.

But I've already had my roof inspected recently. Re-Inspections, why you need one)

Re-inspections are recommended when:

The initial inspection found no damage and:

  • Was done by only an adjuster working for your insurance company.
  • Your neighbors are having roofing, siding or other repairs done related to the storm.
  • Your inspection was completed by contractors brought in only because of a particular storm.
  • Several months have passed allowing time for routine wind, rain and/or snow to make hidden damage appear.
  • Prior to your 180 day claim time limit.
  • You have the inferior, non-impact resistant, no-longer made 'T-Lock' shingle.
  • You believe, for any reason, your claim was wrongly denied..

At Mile Hi Roofing we are your advocate, in your corner, working for you. From your initial claims process through project completion we will be there making sure you get everything you deserve. Our professional project managers are trained to spot hail damage and can often times get items added to your claim that initially your insurance company missed. Call today and see how we can help you with your insurance company!!

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